Office Tour

We invite you to view the gallery below, which represents a visual tour of our office.


The entire experience from beginning to end is carefully considered to provide you with the greatest sense of comfort and peace as you undergo treatment. We are actively adhering to all CDC guidelines to assist our patients in maintaining social distancing requirements.

Our office provides elegant, calming and tranquil surroundings to make our patients feel welcome and cared for.


Upon Arrival….

We have added soothing elements to our office in order to make it as inviting and relaxing as possible.

Earth tone décor, music and comfortable sitting room ease the anticipation of your appointment.


Unlimited Expectations….

Our supportive, nurturing and professional staff are part of a unique dental team which works to provide the most exceptional care possible.
We always have your best interest in mind and strive to uphold the highest of standards.



Soothing and Spacious…

For your comfort, we have carefully designed our practice to achieve the kind of dental atmosphere with efficiency, warmth and understated elegance.



Optimum Comfort…

In order to establish a more comfortable environment, we offer you amenities such as televisions visible to recline patients, and shaded glasses to block out examination light. 

We desire for you to have the best experience possible.

Latest Technology…

Dr. Peña has taken all the necessary steps to bring our patients the latest technology and highest quality equipment to ensure long-lasting results.

Microscopes and digital x-rays are just a few of the upgraded systems we utilize.

The water used to power the dental equipment is purified to guarantee the utmost standard of dental care.

 A Greater Perspective…

Dr. Pena uses the latest 3D imaging technology in order to obtain a more complete view of your teeth and jaw structures. This gives him a 360 degree view to become as familiar as possible with your individual case before he begins any treatment. 



Your safety is our priority… 

Our office is equipped with the latest hospital-grade UV air purifiers for the safety of our team and our patients.