3D Imaging

5494AA51-DCF2-415C-88DB-5340B509B7EDOur 3D Imaging System is an innovative two-in-one solution providing access to powerful, focused field 3D images, which enable us to make more informed diagnoses. Images are acquired quickly and are available to the practitioner within minutes, so diagnoses can often be made on the spot. This breakthrough technology provides unprecedented views of the oral cavity, allowing Dr. Peña to make accurate definitive diagnoses like never before. Ours is among the first endodontic offices to have this revolutionary technology.

Benefits Include:

  • High-resolution images – Dr. Peña can view your teeth more clearly
  • Less radiation – This unit is able to be focused on a particular area of the jaw, reducing radiation
  • Improved patient care – Dr. Peña can now make faster, more accurate diagnoses in difficult cases


We are here to provide you with superb dental care, every time. If you have any questions regarding our technologies, feel free to ask your doctor or contact us.