Precision Dentistry


Dr. Peña uses a special microscope during treatment to allow for enhanced vision through illumination and magnification. This technology greatly improves the doctor and assistant’s view inside the tooth facilitating a more thorough treatment, especially in locating calcified canals and diagnosing root fractures.

Apex Locator

This device helps Dr. Peña to precisely measure the length of the tooth’s roots electronically for complete cleaning of the tooth. Since it is very accurate, it reduces the number of x-rays normally needed during the procedure. Used along with digital x-rays, this device lowers patient radiation exposure even further. The use of advanced training with new technologies help us to provide treatment that is safer, faster and more effective for our patients.


Ultrasonics – An Alternative to the Drill

Instead of using a drill inside your tooth, this device vibrates a diamond coated metal tip at high frequency. Because it is very small, it can be used under the microscope for precise removal of small amounts of tooth or fillings, allowing for conservative treatment of your tooth. Dr. Peña also uses quiet electric handpieces (drills) to help eliminate the sound of the dental drill